Scotland-based singer-songwriter Lizabett Russo stands out in the most cluttered of genres, marked out by her Transylvanian heritage and her wealth of travelling experience. She brings a diverse and eclectic range of influences to her tracks, which move from traditional acoustic ballads to up-tempo jazz – and just about everything else in between.

Now a mainstay on the live circuit in Scotland, she honed her craft in her native Transylvania, as well as taking a year to live in London and learn the ropes in a new country. Renowned for her intricate songwriting, vocal range and cross-genre appeal, she has impressed audiences wherever she has landed.  In 2013, she released her acclaimed EP entitled The Traveller’s Song, which found favour with online publications from across Europe, the US and Canada. Her stock across Europe is high, having played shows in Amsterdam, Zurich, Barcelona and Bucharest while her presence in Aberdeen has led to venues including The Lemon Tree and Woodend Barn. In 2015 she toured Japan and Seoul promoting her new album ‘Running with the Wolves’.

“Her unique voices marries Western folk music to Eastern European ideas, with a dash of jazz and a tremendous sense of fun.”

On a different note, she makes soap and knitted bow ties to sell as merchandise.



Musical Discoveries, USA

Pop Mythology, South Korea

Dundee, Live Review

STV, Aberdeen


Pop Mythology, South Korea

57º North, Aberdeen

Ziarul Metropolis, Bucharest

 ”Running with the Wolves” is out now. Order it from here: 

Introducing Best Of Britishcircular disc with gray border containing the text: played on amazingradio


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