Traveling part 1

So I’m on my way back to Aberdeen, Scotland for 1 day. I need to get away from London for a little bit, escape the craziness, escape in nature and places so dear to my heart and memories.

So, we are stuck in Manchester because of a flat tyre situation, a typical traveling ‘adventure’. This situation reminds me of a moment in time, an experience I had when I was traveling through Scotland one spring day. We were with a friend’s car, journeying through the marvelous Scotland (destination: Glen Coe) and in the middle of the night, when we were returning home, one of the tyre went completely flat. We couldn’t drive anymore so we needed to change it…but nobody knew how to do it actually. Moreover, we were in the middle of nowhere, totally lost, not a single light on the road or in the distance and also, no house/bar close enough. I could say we had the typical ‘lost’ movie scene. So we closed the car and started to walk hoping to find something, a inn or a house where we can ask for help. Our failed attempts to replace the tyre convinced us to close the car and start walking.

We walked for awhile in the darkness with our cheap-almost-useless flashlights hoping to see a light ( the light of hope) somewhere. In the end we found a sort of 24hours bar. As we entered, all the heads from the bar turned towards us, starring and wondering what’s with the lost travelers. We asked for help at the bar but, because it was weekend and after midnight, they couldn’t help us with anything. They should have gave us a free drink at least…

So, we went back to the car, strolling like lost birds through the cold darkness, got the car manual out of the front drawer and read the instructions on how to change a tyre. It was the funniest situation ever and even though I was supposed to worry, I just couldn’t stop laughing. We studied the manual and I tried to remember what my brother and father used to do in these situations but the problem was a little bit different in this particular scenario. In order to replace the old tyre we had to remove it but it was somehow stuck and all 3 of us didn’t had enough power to remove it. We struggled for some time, the driver almost broke his back ( but he was fine in the end, or so it seemed) but still, it was too much for us. We decided to wait for a car to pass by and stop. Finally, a car appeared from nowhere and stopped to help us.

To be continued…


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