Traveling part 2

Part 2

A very muscular guy and his father stepped out of the car and approached us in wonder. We explained the situation and the muscle man prepared himself for the battle with the tyre. He looked pretty confident and for a moment we thought we were saved but, just when I was about to give my praising to him I saw him struggling like crazy to remove the tyre. I was looking at all those muscles flexing again and again, trying so hard to prove their worth and millions of hours spent in the gym but there was nothing there to see. I was deceived by some superficial pockets of meat and I swear that I might  have been stronger than him (or so i wanted to believe back then).

We all stood by the car, in that cold Spring night, looking puzzled at the tyre. Such a comic event, so precious and silly…

The guy apologized for not being able to help and they went on their way…

There was nothing else to do, therefore, we decided to seek shelter in that bar we found earlier on. Closed the car and strolled through the darkness again. Sitting at the bar we found ourselves being tired and thoughtless for a few minutes. All silent until one of the guys sitting at the bar asked us about our situation. After carefully explaining the awkward circumstance he got up and went straight to his car, got a huge hammer from the back trunk and said to us:

”Alright lads, let’s fix the car! Ayyy?!”

So, here we found our true Scottish Braveheart, in the middle of nowhere, in the heart of the night, when everything was possible. We all followed the drunk Braveheart as he walked with his hammer…everyone aligned along the road, all silent but thoughtful.

I must confess that I had faith in him even though the smell of alcohol was stinking the whole road. You know, people say that when you are drunk you usually tell the truth so I thought that this might apply in terms of personal strength and abilities to do things. It’s not only the tongue that sharpens but also the power ( in some cases). I believed he can actually do a better job than a sober guy would.

Maybe because when you’re drunk you reach a state of mind where you believe that you are capable of anything… I call it the superhero state of mind! I personally experienced it…

To be continued…


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