Traveling part 3

The travelers and the flat tyre…part 3 ¬final ¬

When we reached the car, the Scottish Braveheart/Drunkheart kneeled down close to the tyre and started to hit it again and again. For a moment I thought he was going to break the car in 2 and we’ll have to walk all the way back to Aberdeen. But I had respect for this man, he was persistent, he really thought he could save the day and guess what, he actually did!

The tyre cried a sound, gave up and fell hopeless on the cold ground. We were absolutely amazed, starring at our brave Scottish man. We were all taking a mental picture of him with his superhero hammer, defying all the rules and expectations. He was the man of the night for sure! We thanked him and the driver offered to buy him a drink as a token of our appreciation. Of course, he didn’t refuse such an appealing offer…his boldness needed to be rewarded somehow!

Finally we were back on the road after wandering in the lovely Scottish night adventure but just for the record, we got lost again and we ended up home around 5am. Honestly, nothing compares to that funny, exciting experience. Nothing!

I was actually happy that it happened that way, just got me out of normality and showed me a different face of the world, of the reality  we claim to know so well. So many things and mysteries to explore…and so little time; life is definitely saying its lines while we are busy planning things that might never happen or work for us.

That night I learned that anything and I mean ANYTHING is possible! And that makes life so exciting and interesting…something to look forward to.

If I had to do it all again, I’ll do it anytime! What else is to do on a Spring night?!

Bon Voyage¬


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