Switzerland trip- Zürich

This past week I’ve done some traveling in Switzerland. I’ve managed to visit Zürich and Lucerne. I even had a gig in Zürich, which was an amazing opportunity to experience Switzerland’s music scene. The general taste in music for them is based on jazz and pop-electronic music. Some really cool jazz tunes were played on a jamming session the first night we arrived. I remember hearing ‘Autumn Leaves’ again after a long time…such a wonderful song!

We stayed in a hostel called Langstars, in Langstrasse, a cool, central part of Zürich (10-15 minutes from the train station). I still can’t believe the amount of people that I’ve met over there…people from all over the world: China, USA, France, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil…Hostels are amazing for meeting new people and sharing experience. And also cheap. Langstrasse seems to be a very busy part of the city, lots of bars, restaurants, clubs and shops. And also people trying to sell you ‘stuff’ on streets. But all in all, it’s a safe area as long as you stay away from trouble.

Zürich is a beautiful city…narrow, medieval streets, art shops everywhere,  crafty coffee shops, old buildings, unexpected outdoor markets ( you can find a lot of them in the Old Town). But what impressed  me the most was their passion for art…art was present in every corner of the city. And it was visible to people’s curious eyes…while walking down the streets I was so close to people’s windows that I could actually observe artists expressing beauty through their paintings or how a group of busy bodies were crafting some materials. That made me feel happy inside…like I belonged, for a moment, to that world that I was watching from outside.












Liz x


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