Switzerland trip- Lucerne


Lucerne is a small, medieval city, a little bit quieter than Zürich but still busy with tourists. I fell in love with Lucerne quite fast…there’s this easy-going vibe about it that makes you feel safe and relaxed. Similar to Zürich, Lucerne has a lot of narrow streets surrounded by old buildings (most of them have representations of people from the past, musical instruments or random sceneries);it absorbs you right away and takes you back in the past making you wonder how life used to be back in the Middle Ages (or so I want to dream).




One of the most famous attractions in Lucerne is the Chapel Bridge. This bridge is said to be the oldest woodbridge of Europe. Here’s a little bit of its history:

‘’ The Bridge is made with wood and was built in 14th century as a protection for the city. It’s amusing walking over it as you can see about 100 pictures of 12th century city life and Swiss history. Join one of the walking tours going around! Unfortunately the bridge burned down on 18th August 1993. Within a few months it was rebuilt. The tower used as oubliette is still in original condition.’’

I’ve also visited Richard Wagner’s house. It’s an amazing building, situated on Lake Lucerne. The house is surrounded by a park and it’s next to the lakeside. From the room where his piano is located you could see the lake and, in the distance, the other side of the town. Such a beautiful, inspiring scenery must have had a great impact on some of his famous compositions that he managed to finish while living there ( ”Emperor March”, ”Die Meistersinger von Nurenberg”, third act of ”Siegfried” ). If you are curious to know more about Wagner’s house history, here is a useful link: http://www.richard-wagner-museum.ch/en/wagner/index.htm.

It was an honor visiting your house Maestro and also an inspiration!







Liz x


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