Rediscovering Tamagotchi




I was going through some old stuff I had in my bags and I found my old Tamagotchi. I was so happy to see it after such a long time.

It brought back a lot of fun memories from my childhood like how I used to ask my mother 10 times a day for a Tamagotchi until she got sick of hearing that word and got me one. I was so happy when I finally had this little ‘egg’ in my hands. I used to spend hours and hours playing with my digital pets until I had to go to sleep and then in the morning I was up early to feed my ‘little babies’. I was totally in my own world…

I must confess that it made me a more responsible person. I remember one day I forgot to take care of my little, digital pet  and he died…that was a very sad day.

Tamagotchi is just an electronic device but somehow I’ve always thought there is a human side to it. I’ve felt less lonely when I became obsessed with this little device. It was first created in 1996 in Japan and they still release a lot of updated versions.

Here’s a review of the 2013 Tamagotchi, in case you are curious! Looking good…but I’m keeping my old one for now. In early 2013, Bandai (the big boss company) rereleased an enhanced version of V.1 as a free Android App. So you can use it on your phone now. Technology nowadays is amazing…and sometimes scary!

You might consider looking for your old Tamagotchi or buying a new one! It’s fun so why not?


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