Words don’t come easy






After being absent on this blog for a long time I realized that sometimes words don’t come easy. I speak less and think too much. Too much thinking can only damage the quality of life. Therefore, balance is needed to let life go with the flow. I smile when I say to myself ‘go with the flow’. In times of confusion, it sounds like this could be the saving phrase if I only knew how to really make it work.

The grass is not that green and pretty anymore when you hear a voice inside your head telling you so. I guess we ended up listening too much to ‘the voice’ inside our heads and forgot about ‘the voice’ of our souls. Shapeless, invisible but visible souls waiting for a chance to speak up in the crowd.

I don’t know about you but I feel the burden of the world pressing on me more and more these days. Some people call it a global phenomenon…some think it’s only in our minds. The subtle minds controlled by the society with its criminal media, fake history and poor lies that we still believe because we think we have no other option. Too comfortable to risk falling on the edge of mediocrity?

I just want to wake up from this lethargy. It makes me tired and restless…and I think we all deserve better than that.

NOW is the word screaming for help. There is no past or future…forget that, forget yourself so you can find your way back home. Whatever home might be to you…

There’s always a bad comment to something, there’s always an excuse, always an explanation…but nothing matters in the end. Nothing matters if you can’t find satisfaction and happiness at the end of the day.

If you lay your head on the pillow at night to rest your mind when you know your heart if full of doubts and fears of what might come tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. The say it’s good to keep yourself on your toes, to feel the fear and doubt so you can fight to get on top. But the story is different for everyone. We are not all from the same dough. And what teachers and preachers should teach us is to love and accept every little part of us.

This is a letter to myself, a letter to all the people that feel the same and aim to raise their flag up in the sky and touch the clouds, shouting to the world beneath them:

 ‘Go with the flow you beautiful bastards!’

P.S: ‘Bastards’ being a good thing in this context, describing a successful, wonderful human being with so much potential to discover and share. We all have it. Life is a self-discovering journey and the most important journey is to the world inside us.

Lizabett Russo

One thought on “Words don’t come easy

  1. Nice post, Liz. It reads like a prose-poem, lyrical and almost melodic (which makes sense given that you’re a musician and songwriter). I identify completely with everything you say here and have grappled with these feelings at some point in my life or other. Some of them are still present to this very day.

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