El mar es hermoso, Llafranc




This summer has been full of gigs, touring, meeting new people, seeing new places, hearing interesting stories, laughing, crying, challenges, disappointments and success. I like to believe that we people are like the seasons, warm, cold, mellow, dull or bright and we keep on changing every day in order to satisfy our needs and desires in the society. However, a the end of a day we are all beautiful in our own way and capable of achieving great things!

I am in Spain at the moment in the beautiful village of Llafranc combining a bit of holiday with some work (gigs). Catalonia is a beautiful, exotic region of Spain with lots of trees everywhere, some types I’ve never seen before. They  look like they all have bushy broccoli tops to me. The people of Catalonia are quite chilled and laid back, there’s loads of yummy seafood and amazing views I could stare at for a whole day. It seems like most of the cities and villages are positioned on hills, even the villa where I am staying at the moment. I guess the view is better that way…

I am really grateful for Bill and Grace for inviting me to join them in their holiday for a few days. They are truly amazing people, not only them but the whole family. This is a perfect retreat spot plus I’ve always wanted to see Spain and practice my Spanish (I’ve never actually learned Spanish however I can speak a bit especially when it comes to arguing about the wrong change haha). I feel blessed for having this opportunity. I felt quite musical today and I wrote a short sea-inspired song on the guitar. The best way to describe it is by asking you to imagine the movement of peaceful, almost turquoise sea waves with little boats in the distance and the lazy sun captured in my strings. Thank you Spain for such wonderful inspiration. Tomorrow I am heading to the beach to record the sea waves and add them to the song when I will record it so you can enjoy the same atmosphere I enjoy now…bring a little back of Llafranc to you, there’s plenty of sea for everyone.

I will be playing 2 gigs in Barcelona this week on the 25th and 26th July. The first gig is at Ultra Local Records, a cool independent record shop and the second gig is a festival called Open Air Festival, an attractive combination of all different types of arts and music. Can’t wait…

Hope you are also having fun wherever you are!

Take care,

Lizabett R.



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